11 Best Areas to Live in Toronto, Ontario

Toronto is arguably Canada’s most dynamic city, with so much that has changed over the years. Even people who have grown up in the GTA discover new things about the city almost monthly.

Toronto neighborhoods in particular have undergone tremendous changes, a lot of which have grown safer, more inclusive, and more welcoming to outsiders moving in. If you are interested in living in this region, here are the eleven best areas to live in Toronto.

1. Liberty Village

Liberty Village is one of the most in-demand hot spots for young professionals, new condo developers, and more. With a direct route to downtown Toronto, you’re close enough so everything’s easily accessible but far enough away to be secluded in your own little nook. This is one of the best areas to live in Toronto if you’re young, since the neighbourhood is filled with tech-based start-ups, creative professionals, and young people.

2. Yonge-Eglinton

Yonge-Eglinton is a hub of upper midtown Toronto activity. It’s currently experiencing a development boom which has attracted many young professionals and business activity here. Though it can be noisy, there are plenty of side streets which lead you down to relatively quiet areas. Think of it as the feel of downtown. There are many different types of Toronto condos and apartments, which are near a TTC subway station – except more affordable.

3. Church-Wellesley

Church-Wellesley, otherwise referred to as The Village, is an LGBTQ-friendly enclave. Nightlife is pretty wild with drag shows, transit routes make getting around easy, and it plays host to the biggest Pride Parade in Canada. There’s almost always some sort of event or happening at Church-Wellesley on any given weekend in Toronto. This is one of the best areas to live in Toronto for those who belong in the LGBTQ community.

4. Distillery District

Toronto’s historic area the Distillery District is filled with buildings 100s of years old, almost like transporting yourself into a completely different century. Now transformed in a residential and commercial hub, decades after being a whiskey distillery, this area’s common for events and festivals. Living here, you’ll love the unique architecture, old world charm, and the social opportunities that come with living in such a locale. This is one of the best areas to live in Toronto if you love history.

5. The Annex

The Annex is a student’s paradise, perfect for anyone involved in post-secondary or people searching for that atmosphere. Here you will find cheap food, bars with young people, and of course, you’re downtown. The houses here are beautiful. For better or for worse, many are frats and sororities. If this is what you want from your Toronto, go get it!

6. Cabbagetown

Cabbagetown is socially conscious, young, and filled with independent, small coffee shops, yoga studios, and interesting art. In Cabbagetown, you will find so many great places to live and interesting people to talk with, in additional to a series of local festivals and a farmers market. Amenities in abundance and with a from-the-street vibe, Cabbagetown is an artistic and counterculture hub.

7. The Entertainment District

The Entertainment District is loud, brash, trendy, hip, young, and Instagram-ready. Hit up the nightlife at any of the area’s clubs and bars. At night, you’re going to have a fair bit of noise and life. If you don’t mind that or are looking for a prime location downtown with some liveliness to it, the Entertainment’s District a flourishing area. For young people, it’s close to a paradise.

8. The Harbourfront

Although expensive, the Harbourfront is one of the best areas to live in Toronto – if not, the best. You’re a 10-minute walk from downtown Toronto with everything that comes with it, the view of the lake is gorgeous, and you’re close to baseball games, concerts, and entertainment. Union Station’s here, alongside the GO bus station, the VIA rail station, and Billy Bishop Airport. The possibilities are seemingly endless for how far you can get on such a short walk!

9. Kensington Market

Kensington Market is a lot of people’s favourite Toronto area. Cars are few. A walker’s paradise, it’s unique, gorgeous, and so artistic. Kensington Market has some of the best food in Toronto, quirky businesses, and Chinatown is very close by with so many unique hot spots there as well. Cheap, grocery-filled, deliciousness, fruits and vegetable markets, amazing ethnic food, and vintage millennial-friendly shops with a tinge of the hippie vibe. Kensington Market’s not for everyone, of course, just like every other area on this list. That aside, those who like it love it!

10. Davisville Villlage

Davisville Village is built around the Davisville subway station, somewhere around Toronto midtown. You’re a roughly 15-minute subway ride from downtown Toronto which is a positive however Davisville Village is very much its own community. If you’re looking for an apartment or condo that isn’t right in the core of the city, but which is still not so far away that you’re disconnected, Davisville Village is one of a small collection of areas to look at.

11. The Fashion District

The Fashion District is a relatively small area in downtown Toronto but for those with an interest in garments, being around trendy people, and/or getting deep in the GTA clothing industry, this makes for a great place to live. Immediately next to the Entertainment District, in the Fashion District, you not only have luxurious units to live in but you’re also surrounded with art studios, galleries, designers, software companies, and tech offices.