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5 reasons why traveling by plane is better than by car

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If you are terrified of heights like I, then you might have trouble trying to figure out why this article is trying to come up with reasons as to why traveling by plane is better than using a car. With the terrifying news of planes going missing without a trace, it makes it harder to convince people that air transport is better than the road. 

I have compiled the main reasons why it may be better to travel by air below:

  1. Safety

According to statistics, there are many flights dispatched each day from the various airports worldwide yet reports of crashes are so rare, unlike road transport where no day goes by without a report of a motor accident. With this, it is, therefore, accurate to say that travel by plane may be much safer than using a car. Statistics are showing that in many cases of a plane crash, the survival rate is almost at 90%, but the same cannot be said about a fatal road crash.

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  1. No reckless flying

There is no such thing as reckless flying because unlike drivers, pilots have an entire crew stationed in air controls which act as their eyes throughout the journey. The airline industry works in precision because of the technology available. On the other hand, many reckless drivers keep looking at their phones all the time; this may become a road hazard.

Four Person Riding Aircraft

  1. Use of Technology

Without a doubt, an airplane is the most advanced mode of transport because of the level of technological applications installed on it. In fact, all aspects of air travel are executed using cutting-edge technologies that allow the pilot and air traffic controllers to feed commands to the plane. These controls are the ones responsible for the safety of the airplane from takeoff to landing.


  1. Travel time

Traveling by plane is the fastest means of transport known to humankind making it the choice method of travel when you need to get to your destination much faster. Road transport is hectic, some journeys which will only take an hour by air will take you over seven hours if you choose to use road transport.

Apart from the long hours on the road, you will get more exhausted when you choose to use a car to travel, but travel by plane will leave you full of energy because of its comfort.


  1. Travel by car is also costly

Unknown to many people, traveling by car is not as cheap as they want to believe. First, there is the expense of gas which does not come cheap by the way; then there is the wear and tear of your car especially after a long journey. A road trip has other expenses such as impulse buying on the road, many stopovers which will result in unnecessary spending. Traveling by plane, on the other hand, there will be none of the above expenses, once you pay for your ticket, you will get snacks from the airline, and the only stopover is at the destination or point of transfer. Therefore, in the long run, traveling by air may be cheaper.


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