6 Best Ways on How to Live Sustainably

In recent years, the topic of living sustainably and with more care for one’s environmental impact has really taken off. Many people now want to spend less, recycle more, and stop using plastic straws and other objects/materials that are harmful to our planet.

There are lots of things you can do to live in a more sustainable, eco-friendly way. In this blog post, we’ll look at six possible ways on how to live sustainably. We hope that it will inspire you to live in a more environmentally conscious way.

1. Shop smart – and seldom

In our world of instant gratification, more brands than you could list in an hour, and a dizzying amount of product types, it can be hard to curb your spending. It can also be hard to strip your life down to the basics – the bare necessities, if you will – of life. But shopping less is a great way to practice sustainable living.

When we purchase large quantities of various items, chances are that eventually we’ll end up throwing away most of those things (usually from lack of usefulness). Of course, this doesn’t apply to everything. Most grocery items won’t be wasted, for instance. The same goes for other actually useful products. But so often, we’ll buy shiny new things that we don’t actually need…and then those things, once tossed, clog landfills and other methods of garbage disposal.

So instead of purchasing items on a whim, take the time to ask yourself whether you truly need what you’re considering buying. Chances are that you don’t. And so you’ll have saved yourself – and the planet – unnecessary waste.

2. Conserve energy throughout your home

Most of us burn a surprising amount of energy during day to day living…and you might think that a lot of that used energy is necessary to your life and even health. But the truth is that it really isn’t (most of the time). One simple way to cut down on energy used in your home is to always turn off lights and appliances whenever they aren’t being used.

Additionally, you can invest in a clothes line and hang your clothes outside to dry during the summer. Clothes dryers typically use a huge amount of energy, so hanging your clothes will not only help the environment – it will save you money in the long run as well.

You can also keep your thermostat low during winter and simply wear an extra pair of socks or some more layers. Additionally, keep curtains and blinds open during the day to allow natural light into your home (cutting down on your need for electrical lighting throughout much of the day).

3. Purchase and wear sustainable clothes

Do you want to be fashion forward and environmentally aware? Look no further than sustainable clothing! There are so many benefits to sustainable clothing: they promote fair trade, lower the amount of pesticides in the air, and help reduce toxic waste.

In addition, sustainable clothes and sustainable shoes are often of higher quality than other brands because the manufacturers know the importance of purchasing less clothing, less often. You’ll be able to wear unique, amazing articles of clothing – and help the planet while doing so. What could be better?

4. Don’t drive everywhere

The exhaust fumes and other emissions from cars and vans can bring huge damage to the environment. Obviously, there are probably times when you’ll have to employ a car to get from one place to another but that often isn’t necessary. You may want to consider taking up biking as a travelling solution – or even walking. If you live within a twenty or thirty minute walk of your work, the mall, the library, or any other place that you frequent, consider walking instead of driving.

5. Remove plastic products from your life

Plastic is one of the biggest encroachers on the planet because it takes tens or even hundreds of years for it to fully break down (and even then, there can be harmful elements left in the environment).

There are many small, simple things you can do to reduce the use of plastic in your life – and they do add up. Start bringing your own metal or bamboo straw to fast food places (and to use at home). Bring a cloth bag to stores instead of having to use a plastic bag. Purchase a reusable water bottle and fill it with tap water instead of using disposable water bottles. There’s so much you can do on how to live sustainably – start today!

6. Recycle as much as you can

This isn’t just talking about placing your jars and cans in a recycling bin (though you should definitely do that). No, it’s also about giving unwanted or unneeded items to thrift stores and charities instead of throwing them in the garbage. It’s about reducing the amount of stuff in the world as much as possible. Remember: you can’t do everything to help the environment, but you can do something. And that’s a start.