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6 Tell Tale Signs That A Divorce Is Imminent

6 Tell Tale Signs That A Divorce Is Imminent

A marriage is something that should last forever; however, even the best couples find that it’s hard to keep things going with the pressures of today. Some people try to hold on even when they are on a sinking ship. If you are unsure of whether you need to contact a family lawyer Toronto and start the proceedings; here are six signs that your marriage is in trouble.

1. You Don’t Communicate

If you feel like you are living separate lives, it could be a sign that things aren’t right. Sure, everybody has jobs and stressors, but there is still time to include the one you love into your life. If you find that you don’t know what is going on in your partner’s world, it could be that they have shut you out for a reason.

2. You Hardly See the Other Person

If the other person is gone more than they are home; it may be time to call it quits. Usually, when two people are in love they want to spend all their free time together. If you have no idea where your spouse is they have cut you from their life.

3. There is Constant Fighting

When you do see your spouse are you constantly fighting? Do you fight about the finances, children and everything else? Living in an environment where the other person must walk on egg shells to avoid another altercation is not fun. An atmosphere like this is not healthy for the children or for you.
4. It’s Not Fun Anymore

Every couple must battle their share of storms. There will be good times and there will also be bad times. However, do you find that there is nothing fun about your marriage anymore? If you don’t look forward to seeing the other person and you don’t have fun together, what is the since in staying married? Life’s not always rainbows and sunshine, but sometimes you have to learn to dance in the rain.

5. Nothing but Lies and Deception

If you have caught your spouse in lies what are they trying to hide? Are there miscellaneous charges on the credit or debit cards that you cannot account for? If every work that comes out of your spouse’s mouth is a lie it’s time to move on. If the person was always honest before and now they are lying; you don’t need that.

6. Problems with Infidelity

When one or more parties in the marriage have been unfaithful, it puts a great deal of doubt in the other person. The old saying “once a cheater-always a cheater” is hard for some to put out of their mind. Though people say they forgive, they can never truly forget. If someone steps out on the marriage, it may be a sign that it’s time to call a family lawyer and discuss a divorce.

If you find yourself in some of these situations, it’s time to talk to a divorce lawyer and find out what your options are. Don’t live in a broken marriage. There is hope and help available.

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