7 Places with Cool Summer Temperature in North America

While everyone looks forward to the summer in North America, this season can get unbearably hot and humid. The sun can be an oppressive beast, causing you to sweat perversely and become increasingly anxious. You will need plenty of air conditioning, bottled water, and frozen beverages to combat the summer heat.

Despite our demand for the ousting of Old Man Winter and the arrival of the dog days of summer, it can oftentimes be impossible to enjoy the great outdoors in many areas because of the excessive heat.

Fortunately, there are places you can escape to that remain nice and cool throughout the summer. If you want to have a good trip with your family or friends during the summer but you are afraid it might get too hot, you shouldn’t worry – you can be warm and stay cool at the same time.

Indeed there are some hidden jewels that will provide you with the temperatures you want and the outdoor activities that you need to make this summer the best you’ve had so far.

For those who can afford it and have time, here are seven of the coolest places to visit during the summer:

1. Vancouver

Vancouver, British Columbia, is one of the best places with cool summer temperature. The city does not get too hot or too cold. Even when it is warm, the cool breeze off the Pacific Ocean provides a constant cooling effect. The other thing about Vancouver is that it is easy to get around, provides great beaches to the pubic, and most things to be seen are within walking distance of the downtown area.

2. Oshawa

Halifax, Nova Scotia is another city in Canada which has mild summer temperatures. The cool winds of the Atlantic keep the temperature on the low side. For those who want a break from the heat and humidity, this is the place to be. Halifax is a small city, but there is lots to see and do within an hour’s drive of the city.

Unlike Vancouver, the summer in Halifax is not pampered by regular showers. Beat that Canada’s second-largest city!

3. Upper Peninsula

Upper Peninsula, Michigan has the best summer weather that can be found around the upper peninsula. The area is very scenic with forests, rivers, lakes, waterfalls, and beaches of the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. You will definitely not feel the heat in this area. Apart from the glass bottom boat tours, one can explore the lakes on kayaks and dive among the shipwrecks.

4. Rangeley

Rangeley, Maine is a small town near Rangeley Lakes and is not known to many Americans, but this is the place you want to go to if you want to avoid the heat and humidity of your city.

During the summer the weather is just perfect, and the entire areas offer almost every type of water activity that you can think off.  There are also many hiking trails making this one of the ideal locations for people who like the outdoors but don’t want to melt in too much heat.

5. Alaska

Wrangell St Elias National park, Alaska is another interesting destination. This is one of the best places with cool summer temperature in North America.

If you are looking for some really cool weather and plenty of water, Wrangell St Elias National Park in Alaska should definitely be on your bucket list. This place offers wilderness experience like no other. Apart from the mountains, the area also has a large wild park, trails, lush greenery, and small rivers. You can even go kayaking through the icy bay and see some of the marine life.

6. NoCal

Redwood National Park in Northern California is a must-see for everyone. This magnificent area with its coniferous landscape has the best weather in The Golden State, rarely averaging more than 20 degrees Celsius during summer. The park has many trails and wildlife. The icing on the cake is the nearby Pacific Coastal Highway, which will offer you some of the best scenery on this planet.

7. Cape Breton Island

Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia is another cool destination. Not only does have it have gorgeous scenery, but it also has great temperatures during the peak summer months. The question then becomes: Should you visit Halifax or Cape Breton Island? So many choices. Perhaps you can ponder them over a Double-Double.

It is not necessary to only be in places that are very hot during the summer. There are many other options if you want to get away to some of the cooler places. Just keep in mind that a lot of people have the same idea and, therefore, if you plan to visit some of these locations, you need to plan in advance and book your accommodations early.

Each year, millions of Americans and other tourists visit these places. Some people who want to avoid crowds and the summer rush plan a visit towards the end of summer so that they can enjoy the cool temperatures and not have too much crowd around them.

And isn’t that all what we want out of summer?