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7 Things the Moving Company Needs to Be Told Before Moving Day

7 Things the Moving Company Needs to Be Told Before Moving Day

Finally, the day has arrived and you have all your things packed and ready for the moving process. And the only thing left to do is to contact your local moving company and plan on how you will be moving all your stuff to your new place. But you still need to do a few things even as you contact the moving company. There are a few things the movers Vancouver need to know prior to the moving day so as to make sure that the whole process runs as smoothly and flawlessly as possible.

Here are seven of the vital pieces of information you need to inform the moving company about before the deadline for the move.

  1. Timeline

It is vital that you let the movers know the day that you plan to move a few days or even weeks prior to the big day. The timeline needs to have the start date, travel time, etc. This information will help the movers to better understand your moving plans.

  1. Destinations

The moving company also needs to be made aware of the destination you will be moving from your current location. This also enables the movers to give you an estimate of the total cost of the move.

  1. Renters insurance

Your renter’s insurance should be able to cover any damaged goods and items whenever anything is damaged during the moving process. Check with the insurance company to know what your policy covers. After knowing this information, you need to relay it to the moving company. It is vital that all the parties who will be involved and affected by the move know exactly what will be covered and what won’t be covered.

  1. Set up moving insurance

After determining what your insurance company will cover using the renter’s insurance, you can then determine and plan on how you can cover any of the remaining items that will be on the move as well. Liaise with the moving company to determine what they will cover during the whole moving process using the moving insurance. The moving insurance cover also protects you from any liability issues if a mover is injured during the moving process.

  1. Have things packed

There are many moving companies that offer packing services that you can hire if you find that packing the items yourself is a hectic task of if you feel you won’t do a good enough job. But if you can manage to pack, then don’t hesitate to do so.

  1. Truck accommodations

You also need to know beforehand how the moving truck will be accommodated in the place you are moving to. Check to see whether there is parking or loading spots in the new place and whether they can fit the moving trucks. You should also ensure that the moving company is also made aware of the situation before the actual move.

  1. Components of new home

The moving company also needs to know about the layout of the new home before they help you with the move. They need to know if there are any stairs, obstructions or sharp turns which will hinder a smooth moving process.

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