8 Best Bikes for City Riding

Biking is a fun, efficient, and eco-friendly way to get from place to place, or it can be simply used as a form of entertainment on a warm summer’s day. Whatever the purpose behind your ride is, make sure you choose a bike that will serve you best. Here are the eight best bikes for city riding:

1. Cruisers

These bikes are simple, consisting of just one gear, and are easy to ride. Cruisers are not generally considered a great choice for hilly terrain because of their lack of gears, although riders are able to pick their one gear when the bike is set up, so they can choose the resistance for the terrain they most commonly ride.

However, these bikes are definitely a good choice for shorter and more casual rides around the city. Although they can be used for commuting, or longer, more “purposeful” bike rides, they were specifically designed to be a more casual riding option. That being said, newer models may be a little more versatile.

2. E-bikes

Electronic bikes, or e-bikes, combine a small motor and traditional bike pedals, allowing for a less strenuous ride for those who are going longer distances. They don’t usually go much faster than 35 kilometres an hour, and are a great option for those who want to combine a bit of activity with an easy ride.

In addition, it is still a fairly eco-friendly option because the motors are battery powered. E-bikes are the best bikes for city riding since they are both casual and purposeful.

3. Road/Racing bikes

If your goal is speed, a road bike could be the option for you. That being said there are a few things you should consider before making this your final decision. Racing bikes are made for speed and efficiency, not comfort. If you are concerned about comfort it may be best to avoid this style of bike.

In addition, if you plan to ride in parts of the city that have rough terrain, you may want to reconsider. Road bikes are least efficient on rough roads, and will make your riding very difficult.

4. Touring bikes

Touring bikes are kind of a more practical version of a racing bike, when it comes to either commuting or just touring around the city. They are designed to ride long distances on roads, and may be a little more forgiving to rougher terrain than a traditional racing bike would be (although they are not designed for rough roads).

In general, touring bikes can handle more wear and tear, as they are meant to be toured around with, and have been designed to hold extra weight. They may also add in the comfort that is lacking in other styles of bike, and so are a versatile option.

5. Hybrid bikes

The hybrid bike combines the best of both touring bikes and mountain bikes, allowing it to handle a wide variety of terrains. This is an excellent option for getting around the city, especially if you would like to use the bike for other purposes as well. It is also a great choice if you are dedicated to riding in all weather, because it is built to handle a large range of conditions.

In addition, hybrid bikes are often considered the best bikes for city riding, since they are more comfortable and better for visibility in the busy city.

6. Folding bikes

These are an awesome option for people in super busy cities who may have to integrate the use of public transportation into their ride. In large cities there are often bike bans between certain rush hours due to the size of the bike. Folding bicycles become extremely compact when folded, and may be able to slip through the cracks of a bike ban like that.

These bikes can be easily carried into buildings, restaurants, and other spaces without causing too much of a distraction. Most importantly, folding bikes are still a comfortable and efficient form of transportation.

7. Recumbent bikes

These are a great option for more casual, comfortable rides, as the setup is more like a chair than a traditional bike seat. They are not super efficient for riding on hills, but otherwise can be an efficient and comfortable way to get around the city. In addition, they allow people the option of riding who are unable to ride a traditionally styled bike.

8. Adult trikes

Another bike that values comfort and accessibility, the adult trike is ideal for individuals who would like to get around by bike but who have difficulty on a traditional bike, either for lack of being able to balance it, or for other reasons.

The only thing that may make these a little more difficult for actually riding around the city (rather than on a trail or dedicated bike path) is that they are very low to the ground, as opposed to other styles of bikes – including recumbent bikes – where the rider is a bit higher up.