8 Best Places to Ride Bikes Around the World

Are you tired of just biking around in your city? The world is home to many amazing sights that you can access via bike. Some cities have even gone out of their way to make things more accessible and safer for avid cyclists. If you’re ready to expand your bike riding experience, check out the following 8 best places to ride bikes in the world!

1. Alaska

Alaska is one of the prettiest places on earth, especially during the summer where you have 20 hours of daylight to explore. Biking around Alaska gives you the chance to see wildlife up close and personal. Just biking down the Seward Highway, you can expect to see whales, eagles and maybe even some caribou. After you’ve biked your heart out, Alaska also has many trains that follow beautiful paths that give you the best views of a late night sunset.

2. Florida

Thanks to its warm balmy climate, Florida may be one of the best places to ride bikes in the world. Certain areas in Florida (such as Siesta Key) have a good assortment of cycling routes that avoid high traffic roads. The wildlife can be intense in Florida, and you can expect to see many snakes, lizards, and even alligators the deeper you venture into the wilderness. Florida is home to many different bike paths that connect different areas and allow you to experience beautiful scenery.

3. Hawaii

Hawaii is another place where the climate makes riding a joy. While biking in Hawaii, you can expect to pass imposing cliffs, roadside waterfalls, and towering coconut and eucalyptus trees. You’ll also bike past many delicious food trucks that serve some of the freshest food that you can find.

If you’re a dedicated mountain biker, Hawaii is home to some of the most beautiful and intense mountain bike paths. The Pupukea Trail is 14 miles total with an elevation of 271 feet. But if you can persevere through the ride up, you’ll be rewarded with a glorious glide down the side of the mountain.

4. Colorado

Mt. Evans in Colorado hosts a must see bike path for any bike enthusiast. Mt. Evans is home to the highest paved road in America at 14,265 feet. On a clear day, you’ll be able to see the curvature of the earth from the peak. Colorado is also home to a wide variety of biking events that are fun to participate in. The mountain scenery you’ll enjoy while biking in Colorado is breathtaking, making it one of the best places to ride bikes in the United States.

5. Rio De Janeiro

Rio is one of the first cities to intentionally set out to become more accessible for bikers. Rio has been adding bike paths as early as 1992. Biking down the beaches of Rio offers a fantastic view of the ocean and dazzling sunsets. Rio de Janeiro has around 450 kilometers of active cycling lanes, many of which are paths for bikes only. There are many stores in Rio that offer sightseeing tours via bike, which can be an unforgettable experience.

6. Barcelona

Barcelona is home to many scenic bike paths that take you right past the crystal blue ocean. City officials have implemented measures to slow car traffic to make things easier for bikers. The terrain in the cities and along the coastline are excellent for taking leisurely rides to explore your surroundings.

However, Barcelona is also home to many challenging landscapes that can give even the most experienced biker a run for their money. Make sure you rent a high-quality mountain bike before tackling the advanced paths.

7. Dublin

Cycling is one of the easiest and best ways to explore the city of Dublin. It only takes 30 minutes to cross the city, and there are over 120 miles of bicycle routes that make your rides pleasant and safe. Everything is accessible by bike in Dublin. You can visit the city center, parks, the traditional Georgian Dublin area, and even the modern technology area.

The Canal Way cycle route is a beautiful ride that connects the elegant Georgian portion of Dublin to the contemporary tech hub near Spencer Dock. This is a scenic route that takes you past many delicious cafés and stunning landscapes.

8. Berlin

Berlin is an excellent city to explore by bike for riders of any level. Berlin has a lot of flat terrains, which makes getting around a breeze. Berlin is also home to over 550 miles of cycling routes that make it easy to avoid car traffic. The bike path along the Berlin Wall is an excellent way to experience the history of the city.

Guided bike tours are easily one of the best ways to experience Berlin. On the bike tours, you can get unique views of the city that aren’t accessible by tour bus. And because the terrain is so flat, you won’t have to worry about getting tired while exploring.