8 Countries with Best Weather All Year Round

If you’re looking for a new region to live, you’ll want to consider many things. The cost of living and the location of your house is vital to your happiness. Another factor that may impact being content in your new property is likely to be the weather. Selecting a place to call home that has beautiful weather could be foremost on your mind.

However, picking the perfect country to live will require some thought and effort. It’s essential to choose a location that offers all the things you desire. Areas that have beautiful weather are typically in high demand, and you’re sure to find a lot of residents that are happy there.

While it’s important to consider many other factors before calling another region home, the weather is definitely one of the elements. Do the proper research to ensure that you’re content with the weather and temperature before relocating to another country.

Do you know the countries with the best weather all year round? Here are the eight countries in our list:

1. Costa Rica

You may be thinking about travelling or taking a vacation to one of the countries with the best weather in the world. Costa Rica is likely to be one that you’ll see when you begin your search.

The residents of Costa Rica love the weather in this region, and it’s ranked 12th in the 64 countries according to the Expat Insider survey. Living in Costa Rica may be akin to residing in paradise according to many of the locals in this region.

2. Greece

You’re sure to learn about many things if you ever decide to move to Greece. There’s a great deal of history and architecture in this country that can’t be found elsewhere.

Another top reason for choosing Greece to live could be primarily due to the fantastic weather this country experiences. If you love moderate temperatures with sunny days on a routine basis, this could be the location for you.

3. Kenya

There are many reasons to select Kenya as your place to call home. One of these may be due to the beautiful weather that abounds here much of the time.

However, you’ll need to earn a good living to do so because the cost of living is higher in this area than most. This is one thing you’ll want to take into consideration before planning a move here any time soon.

4. Spain

If you’re looking for a country that has fantastic views and a lot of beauty to offer, you may want to choose Spain. This location is by far one of the most prominent places to call home.

The beautiful weather that is typical most of the time is simply another advantage of living in this region. However, you may want to be employed before making a move of this magnitude because the unemployment rate is high.

5. Mexico

Choosing a home that is full of things to do and see can prevent you from quickly getting bored. You may enjoy living in Mexico if you have a taste for beautiful weather.

Studies show that 51% of the people living in this country boast about the fantastic weather that’s to be had daily. This may be the encouragement you need to get all your things packed and moved sooner rather than later.

6. Portugal

Finding a new place to call home may cause many questions to arise. You’ll want to choose a region that’s safe to live and offers many of the things you enjoy daily.

Portugal may suit your list of requirements and is likely to have the best weather there routinely. Taking time to do a bit of investigation into this area is something you’ll want to consider doing.

7. South Africa

There are a lot of fun activities for you to enjoy in South Africa. This country offers tons of things to do that can ease your mind and allow you to relax.

Another advantage of moving to this country is sure to include the beautiful weather you’ll enjoy by doing so. Many of the recent studies do show that although the weather is a plus the lack of satisfaction with personal safety isn’t as high as other regions.

8. Uganda

You may not have heard as much about Uganda as you have other countries, but this isn’t a reason to avoid living there. This country does have a lot to offer, and beautiful weather is at the top of the list.

One thing you’ll want to be prepared for if Uganda is your home of choice may be a lack of personal safety being at its highest level. Other factors that may decrease your desire to live in Uganda include not as many public transportations as other areas and less medical care.

It’s always a good idea to consider the many pros and cons of any country prior to selling your home and taking time to relocate.