8 Small Bedroom Furniture Ideas That Are Practical

A compact small bedroom space can be challenging, especially when you want to add some nice-looking furniture to dress up your bedroom. The biggest challenge is fitting everything into the room that barely has room for a bed. You will be surprised to know that there are many smart ways to make a small bedroom look vibrant and comfortable.

Many clearance companies offer gently used furniture to suit any size room. They will show you the suited furniture based on the dimensions of your bedroom. You do not need a lot for a small room as long as you have the essentials like storage space, bed space, cupboards and lighting. Small bedroom furniture ideas will surely offer you comfort. However, you do not want to have your room packed with furniture with no space to walk around the room.

The best way to ensure you have the correct fitting furniture is to measure your room, measure the furniture, complete a rough layout sketch and that will ensure you have the perfect furniture to suit your small bedroom. Smart investment in furniture can trick the eye in believing your small bedroom is larger than its actual footprint. Here are eight small bedroom furniture ideas to get you thinking small but spacious:

1. Storage Bench


These types of benches are popular small bedroom furniture ideas that can be added to the end of your bed. You can sit on them to get your socks on, and you can store a lot of your belongings inside the bench. This type of bench is perfect for any small bedroom when you are looking for additional storage space.

2. Side Tables or Night Stands

Select compact side tables to fit narrow spaces. Find one that offers the maximum storage drawers from top to bottom. While this table fits a confined space, it still provides room for a table lamp and to place your phone or reading material. Use only one side table instead of the usual two side tables for a bed.

3. Table Lamps

You can avoid a floor lamp by having a table lamp for reading at night or even to provide sufficient light for your room at night. There are several types of mini and small table lamps you can buy. These small bedroom furniture ideas can add style and the right amount of lighting for your room without compromising on space.

4. Chest Drawers

Usually, chest drawers are large furniture units, but many furniture outlets take small bedrooms into consideration. They cater to small spaces by offering chest drawers that are much narrower in width with the right size length for the bedroom. Some chest drawers even come with a mirror so you can prepare for the day having both your dresser and mirror in one spot.

5. Storage Beds

You can’t go wrong with a storage bed. Many beds come with built-in drawers. You can even consider a sofa bed, fold-down wall beds or a loft bed if your room is too small. The loft beds will allow you to have a desktop station at the bottom. However, a storage bed is an ideal choice for a small bedroom as you can store all your belongings and still sleep comfortably without having to assemble, disassemble or climb a ladder.

6. Combined Mirror with Shelf and Hooks

If you are not in favour of your chest drawers built with a mirror, then one of the alternative small bedroom furniture ideas is to consider the bracket shelves, with hooks and a mirror. This will give you a place to hang your coat, hat or bag; you can quickly check yourself in the mirror, and you can probably even store small items on the shelf.

You can also add a small plant on the shelf to make it prettier. This type of furniture is usually found at the entrance or foyer of a home, but there is no hard rule to say you can’t use this for your bedroom. These units are perfect when you want to save on space.

7. Shelves with brackets

There are many different sizes and coloured shelves with brackets that do not take any floor space. These units offer space-saving storage. Shelves with brackets can be used to store your books, a small painting, photos and other delicate ornaments to make your bedroom appealing. There are many well-designed wall shelves at affordable prices. With this type of furniture, you not only save space, but also organize and bring structure to a small bedroom space.

8. Substitute for closets

Most small bedrooms come with inbuilt cupboards that do not take up any space within the bedroom floor space. However, if you have a bedroom with no closet, you can consider storage space under your bed or inside your bench. Other solutions to help you organize your clothes include individual racks, overhead shelves and ceiling-mounted fixtures that can help with hanging clothes and storing shoes without occupying floor space.