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Does your immigration attorney have the answers to everything?

Does your immigration attorney have the answers to everything?

It is very important for you to have an immigration lawyer because they help you to save so much money as well as time that would have otherwise been spent on meaningless processes had they not been there. There is no better option than the experienced and professional immigration lawyers. It is not new to hear of people who worked with attorneys who ended up being quacks. We have also heard of people who managed to apply all on their own but encountered so many problems along the way. An immigration lawyer is certainly very important. What you need to ask yourself however is if your immigration lawyer has the answers to everything.

Your processing

Your processing will certainly be delayed because of all the questions that visa officers have. This is where your lawyer comes in. The lawyer will review your application with so much scrutiny and engineer it to meet the standards of the visa office. This will ensure that you don’t have to go back and forth with the visa office and that your application is processed as fast as possible.


Immigration lawyers are certainly way up on ethics. Your Canadian immigration lawyer adheres to certain rules and regulations made by the law society of Canada. They risk losing so much if they do not conform to these standards. With that in mind, it is safe to say that your immigration lawyer will make sure your risks of having an unsuccessful application are reduced and that consultancy firms do not find a way to exploit you.

Unlimited services

Most people have the understanding that an immigration lawyer is only meant to help you have a swift and easy application process which will end up being successful. While this is true, your immigration lawyer should also assist you with matters ranging from business and skilled visas all the way to refugee claims.


Anyone who has had an experience with Canadian immigration knows that there are plenty of people out there who will charge you less for their services but are not lawyers. Some of these people will charge you even more fees than an immigration lawyer would disregard the fact that the fee does not match their qualifications. Your immigration lawyer has the knowledge as well as the experience. It comes as a plus too that they charge a reasonable fee.

They get it

If your application is sent back to you, you could miss out on the opportunity altogether if the window closes. This is why your immigration lawyer will show you how to fill those forms and what format to use. If it so happens that you are called for an immigration interview, your attorney has the right to go with you to ensure you gets the treatment you deserve. So does your immigration lawyer have the answers to everything? Well, probably.


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