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Shocking 10 Facts That ICBC Doesn’t Want You to Know

Shocking 10 Facts That ICBC Doesn’t Want You to Know

Every time you pass by a parking lot, you can’t help but notice the beautiful variety of cars parked, then you also recall the number of accidents that occur. Even the most conscientious driver, alert cyclist or the wary pedestrian sometimes can not escape from a possible collision. There arises the need of hiring an ICBC lawyer. Data from the WHO (World Health Organization) shows that between 20-50 million people get involved in non fatal motor accidents annually. If you happen to be part of this unlucky population, be it you are in Vancouver or any other city in the world, you need to be very well prepared.

Most of us require guides that will help us in handling any incidents of car accident. Below tips  are listed to help you in uncovering some of the most overlooked facts by people when dealing with ICBC claims and cases.

After The Accident

  1. Getting contact information of all the parties involved in the accident

When involved in an accident the first thing to do is collecting all the contact data of everyone who is involved in the accident. This information includes: phone number, home address, names, driver’s license numbers. You should even check the insurance details of the car and record them. Get the insurance company name that has insured the car.

  1. Admitting faults

In case you are involved in an accident and the other party or driver admits to being at fault, request them if it’s possible for you to have a recording of the confession.  Since it’s very common for people to change their minds when it comes to  taking the blame during a motor accident, it’s good to have a backup data. You can use your phone to record the confusion and make sure they clearly state how they caused the accident, e.g. texting while driving.

  1. Witnesses

Look for any witnesses and make sure you have their contacts. Get information about the accident from them and record it in your phone.

  1. Photos

Photos can act as very reliable evidence. When you are involved in an accident, take photos of the scene, the vehicle and make some notes with regards to the cause of the accident. The photos will not only help you in an ICBC claim, but also with the insurance people and the local authorities.

  1. Reporting to the Local Authorities

If your car happens to suffer very severe damages during an accident, then it’s recommended that you report the accident to the Vancouver Police within 24 hours of the accident taking place. For cars the damage should be higher than $1000 and for motorcycles higher than $600.

  1. Reporting to ICBC

The ICBC must receive your accident report within 24 hours and when submitting  the report make sure you are forthright. Remember, you will be talking to an insurance adjuster who is well trained and will be recording the call and also taking notes. Therefore, all the information you provide can be used against you in future, especially if you incurred injuries during the accident.

  1. Insurance Adjuster or an ICBC lawyer


In case you are not comfortable with speaking to insurance adjuster, especially when you have a preexisting injury, then its best to consult a lawyer who has experience dealing with ICBC claims. Most of the ICBC lawyers give free consultations to clients.

When it comes to dealing and treating injuries got from an accident and dealing with ICBC claims, its good to take the below pointers into consideration.

  1. Family Doctor

When involved in a car accident, you will be required to see a general practitioner or your Family Doctor. Your family doctor is more equipped to recommend the best treatment for you and refer you to the most reliable therapist to treat you. The general practitioner will also be part of your witness team when dealing with an ICBC claim case. Make sure the GP, clearly states any injury incurred due to the accident.

  1. The manual therapy practitioners and the rehabilitation practitioners.

These medical professionals include,  Vancouver physiotherapists, massage therapist who is registered and chiropractors.  They can be able to help you in enhancing a faster recovery from an accident. Only seek the services of the therapy practitioners that have been recommended by your family doctor or GP. They can also be used as witnesses during an ICBC claim case.

  1. Non Traditional treatments.

Some people when treating injuries can seek other forms of treatment methods and avoid the modern type of treatment. Chinese medicine for many years has proven to be very beneficial to many who have suffered car accident injuries. However, when dealing with an ICBC claim the comments of these practitioners might not hold ample legal weight. In order to play safe, when dealing with these type of treatments, make sure your GP recommends it and you have to follow all the set directions of treatment.


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