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Tested & Reviewed: Top 10 Personality and Behavioral Assessment For HR

Tested & Reviewed: Top 10 Personality and Behavioral Assessment For HR

When it comes to hiring new employees, technical skills usually tend to matter a lot and form the main basis of the hire. But it only usually does half the job. You shouldn’t just be looking for a recruit who can do the job well, you should be looking for someone who can do his/her work perfectly and thrive in the business’s culture and bond with the other employees as well. You want to have someone who believes in the business’s vision and supports it and is not just there for the money part of it all. That’s why recruiters now use predictive index in recruitment process.

And that is why you’ll need to do a personality and behavioral assessment test on the new recruits to know exactly who you are bringing into your business. And here are 10 of the signs you need to be looking at during and after the test to determine this.

  1. The EQ-I 2.0

This is, perhaps, the best possible way you can test the emotional intelligence level of your new recruits. It will help you know truly granular pictures of the assessed recruits and choose from the bunch who you feel is best for the job.

  1. The workplace big five

This test can last somewhere between 10 and 15 minutes and is used to determine the new recruits’ personalities by using a five-factor model which subjects the recruits to different work-related situations and see how they respond to them.

  1. The predictive index

This is a fairly simple evaluation process that can not only help you select qualified recruits, but also the employees that fit the personality you are looking for at your workplace as well as your job requirements.

  1. The SHL occupational personality questionnaire

This is also a well-established personality assessment method where the employers can identify the recruit members’ personalities that can directly impact their job performance and identify the candidates who are more dependable than the others based on their behaviors.

  1. Hogan development survey

This personality assessment test has been known to unwrap individuals’ “dark side” personalities. It helps to identify the qualities recruits can have during times of work pressure and strain. It helps employers mitigate all the risks that the new recruits may cause and how they can help them.

  1. DiSC profile

This behavioral assessment test helps employers better identify how new recruits can react and or respond to “other people, problems, pace and even processes.” You can also determine the recruits’ strengths, weaknesses, and attitude using this method.

  1. AcuMax index

This test works to determine how the new recruits can react and respond to certain work environments and can be used to determine how the recruits can benefit the company both in the job profile sector and team culture.

  1. Clifton StrengthsFinder

Well, the name says it all. Using this technique will enable you to uncover all of your existing and new recruits’ strengths as well as help you craft some effective strategies that you can use to develop those strengths in your favor.

  1. Caliper

This is an all-in-one assessment test technique that will virtually let you into the mind of your new recruits to know their potential to succeed and work in your business.

  1. StaffGeek

This technique is based more on the Distinct Native Attributes (DNA) of each recruit and whether either of them can match up to your company’s DNA profile. You will know which of the new recruits will be the best fit to work in your organization.

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