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The 5 modern rules of commercial cleaning

The 5 modern rules of commercial cleaning

The 5 modern rules of commercial cleaning

Cleaning of offices or commercial spaces is what we refer to as commercial cleaning. Depending on the arrangement, this is either done every day, once a week or once every month. As with any business, there is a standard that must be met and rules and regulations that govern it. Commercial cleaning companies must adhere to these rules in order to keep running smoothly. Here are 5 modern rules of commercial cleaning.

  1. Employee training

The most important set of rules has a lot to do with the employees. The employees working for a particular commercial cleaning company are required to have the proper training to carry out their duties for the company. The workers also need not be underage. Depending on the area though, the employees are required to be of a certain age group.

  1. Insurance

This is probably one of the most important rules there are when it comes to commercial cleaning. Your employees need to be fully insured just in case anything happens in the line of duty. They need to be in a position to cater for their medical bills. It is actually a violation of the law to have people working for you without insurance. In the event of an accident, this could have serious consequences.

  1. Loss or damage

Any company that provides cleaning services to offices or commercial premises need to be aware of the fact that any loss or damages to the property of the company that hired them to do the cleaning will be covered by the commercial cleaning company. This is after it has been established that the damages were as a result of substandard work. The costs could either be legal or medical. It is not rare to see such companies being taken to court because an individual was hurt as a result of poor work done. It is a known rule that the company would have to cater for the costs that come out of that.

  1. Niche

It is a golden rule to any individual or group of individuals that have started a cleaning company to find a niche of their own. It is a proven fact that you cannot be everything to everyone. It does not matter how good you are at what you do. Do not try to excel in every market. Choose one market and make sure that you are consistent in the services that you offer. That is how you excel.

  1. Build on customer service

Regardless of how good you are at offering cleaning services, it is a golden rule that you need to build on customer service. Sometimes the quality of services you offer is not nearly as important as how you relate with your clients.

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