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The Benefits of a Short Term Rental Apartment After a Divorce

The Benefits of a Short Term Rental Apartment After a Divorce

The Benefits of a Short Term Rental Apartment After a Divorce
Going through a divorce can be a terrible experience. Not only will you be feeling emotionally and mentally strung out, but you’ll also need a place to stay, and if you’ve decided to be the one to leave your shared home, you’ll need to find a place right away. No one on wants to stay in a hotel forever or on the couch in a best friend’s basement.

This is where short term rentals come in. Many short term rentals are actually furnished apartments that can be rented from month to month. There are numerous benefits to these types of rentals for all types of people, but if you have recently been divorced or have recently broken up with a long-term partner, there are a number of reasons why short term rentals may be particularly advantageous. Here are the following reasons why you may want to consider a short term rental living arrangement in a scenario like this.

1. You’ll get more flexibility to move when you need to.

Going through a divorce generally means moving out quickly, so you’ll need to find a rental as soon as possible. With that being said, you undoubtedly have a different plan for your future, so a short term rental allows you to go on a month-by-month basis, and whenever you’re ready, you can move to a more permanent situation.

2. Often, short-term rental apartments come furnished with the essentials.

Again, if you are moving out, you might not be able to bring any of your furniture with you. But with a short term, furnished apartment rental, that’s okay. Most short term rentals are rented with furniture in them.

3. There aren’t any lease-breaking penalties to worry about.

If you to decide to leave after just one or two months, there won’t be any lease breaking penalties to worry about. On the other hand, long-term apartment rentals generally make you pay a fee if you want to move out before the lease is up. If not that, you might have to find your own sublease or simply pay up the rest of the rent despite the fact that you might also be paying rent or house payments at your new location.

4. If you decide to stay, you can easily turn your short-term lease into a long-term lease.

In some cases, you may decide that you like your short-term rental apartment, and if this is the case, you can always make an easy and fluid transition by turning your short-term lease into a long-term lease.

Depending on where you live, there are usually short term apartment rentals available in most cities. Consider this living option for your current stay and remain there as you plan your next move. It’s a great option for a difficult situation. If you would like to find more information, check out City Gate Suites and learn from their available resources.

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