Why Commercial Litigation Lawyers Are More Effective Than A Traditional Debt Collector

If your business is owed money, it may be a good idea to call in a commercial litigation attorney to help you with your case. While you could opt to enlist the help of a traditional debt collector instead, a commercial litigation lawyer may offer better service at a better price. What are some advantages of using a lawyer over a typical debt collector?

An Attorney Respects and Follows the Law

Debt collectors are generally only interested in getting money from debtors by any means necessary. While a debt collector is not inherently bad or someone who should be looked down upon, it is possible that the collector you use will use shady tactics to collect on accounts. This makes your business look bad in the eyes of customers. However, an attorney has his or her own career and ethical reputation to uphold when attempting to resolve a debt matter. Therefore, you can feel better that the matter will be resolved in a professional manner.

An Attorney May Be Able to Get Payment With Little Force Necessary

An attorney may be able to collect on a debt merely by sending a letter or by working with the debtor’s legal counsel. This means that there is no need to go to court or take other action that would further strain a relationship between your company and a client. If counsel for both sides can work out an agreement on their own, the other party can pay the bill and save face. Furthermore, he or she won’t face severe interruptions to his or her own company, which could make it even harder to get paid. Talk to a lawyer to learn more about their methods.

Commercial Lawyers May Cost Less

Assuming that a commercial attorney can get a deal done sooner, it may be more cost-effective to use legal counsel as opposed to a debt collection company. It may also be possible that the attorney will take less as a percentage of the debt collected compared to what a debt collector may ask.

Your Attorney Can Represent You In and Out of Court

It may be necessary to go after a debtor in court if he or she refuses to respond to a letter or a call. A debt collection company will most likely use their own attorneys if they take the case to court. By using one person throughout the process, you can save time and money while avoiding delays because your attorney will have all the information that he or she needs on hand.

If someone owes you money, it is in your best interest to collect on the debt. Otherwise, you could be providing goods or services for free. Therefore, make it a priority to call an attorney today who can help you get that money in a fair and timely manner.

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