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10 Patient Stories Related to Medical Malpractice

10 Patient Stories Related to Medical Malpractice

All medical malpractice cases come with a lot more burden than anyone might even think to anticipate. You never know what will happen, you the case will go, or even who will eventually come out of the courtrooms the victor. And it gets much worse if you don’t have qualified, experienced and competent medical malpractice lawyers Toronto by your side to help you through the whole process.

Here are some patient stories what will simply scare you out of your wits that relate to the medical malpractice cases.

  1. He was too old

Carol Dye’s father was one of the victims of a medical malpractice who passed from an MRSA after an open-heart surgery. Carol then called upon 40 attorneys to seek for advice on the next legal step she could take and to her shock, she was told the same thing by all of the 40 attorneys. That her father had been too old and had lost his earning potential and no wife. And most of them decided not to take the case without giving an explanation. This was a very sad story and just hearing that your elderly parent suddenly doesn’t have any value legally is as heartbreaking as it can get.

  1. It was clearly negligent, what was done to me

Gloria Shen’s case had merit indeed and after her attorney heard her case, she was assured that the case was solid and had merit. But the potential compensation would fall below $250,000 and fight it would be a waste of time and resources as well. People believe that physicians can do no wrong and, in some cases, may even decide to favor the negligent doctors.

  1. Rejection letter

John’s son was single and couldn’t bring his case before the court because he was single, so the jury took it that there was no pain and suffering involved when the incident occurred and when he consulted any of the attorneys, they asked his son’s age and marital status and that was it.

  1. It was business

The same incident happened when a young girl died from medical harm. An attorney was involved in the case who had a friend in the medical field who reviewed the case’s medical records. And the whole process would cost between $50,000 and $75,000 for each specialist minus the normal costs of the attorney. This was all business to these guys.

  1. My dad’s life wasn’t worth anything

Another case where an elderly person’s life was valueless under the legal law when looked at from a medical malpractice perspective. After the death of one dad, the attorneys avoided or dismissed taking the cases claiming that the dad was above the average life expectancy, explained Yanling.

  1. I’ve never sued anybody

Kathleen also has the same incident that happened to her elderly mother after a medical negligence report led to her losing her ability to walk which also led to many more surgeries which meant more medical bills.

  1. I am, however, alive

Another case where a victim of cancer surgery suffered from serious permanent injuries. The victim even woke up during the surgery not to mention the life-threatening infections. The victim can’t even make ends meet and live off of the care of family and friends.

  1. Perverse incentive

In this case, the attorney dropped the case immediately after hearing of the death of the victim. It is believed that most hospitals kill you when they realize they have done some crucial mistake during surgery.

  1. It wasn’t cost-effective anymore

Ron Giovagnoli explains that his attorney decided to drop the case once he noticed that the case was no longer cost-effective.

  1. It would cost too much

Then comes another case where a young boy passed away almost two years ago as a case of heart failure days after a colostomy procedure. The doctors rushed him to surgery trying to find the source of an internal bleeding, but when they failed to do so, they stitched him up even though he kept on bleeding which eventually led to his death.

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