Freeway expansion in the Greater Vancouver Region

The BC provincial government plans to widen the Highway 1 and add a second Port Mann Bridge as part of a massive $4-5 Billion ‘Gateway’ roads program. Highway 1 would be expanded to at least eight lanes between 1st Avenue in Vancouver and 200 St. in Langley.

We believe that highway expansion will not provide long-term relief to traffic congestion. We are promoting lasting solutions to traffic congestion: Effective solutions that will support regional growth strategies, include public transit investments, reduce air pollution and maintain the quality of life in Greater Vancouver. Please explore our website.

Traffic congestion is a problem in all cities. In greater Vancouver and elsewhere, it impacts quality of life, the economy and the environment. With growth and development, the number of vehicles on the road increase. Highway 1 is one of the most congested corridors in the Lower Mainland.

Reducing traffic congestion and its impacts is not simple. Yet the Provincial Government is relying solely on highway expansion to solve congestion on this corridor. Transportation Minister Kevin Falcon declares: “It is not a matter of if it will be widened, but when.” The Highway 1 plan will increase capacity for general-purpose traffic – for the single-occupancy vehicles that already create most traffic tie-ups. Why is this the only “solution” being considered?

Does highway expansion actually reduce congestion? Or does it make it worse? Will expanding Highway 1 create a gateway to gridlock?

Real-life experience from cities around the world demonstrates that traffic congestion comes back quickly after new and wider highways are built. The LRC believes that expanding highway 1 will do the following:

Further encourage an increase in the number of vehicles on the road;
Lead to long-term increases in air pollution;
Encourage urban sprawl and longer commutes;
Further pave the precious farmland and open space in our greenbelt, the Agricultural Land Reserve.

There are many issues associated with this proposed highway expansion. Please explore this website. Use the menu tabs above or search the many articles from the side.